Friday, January 6, 2012

Fun with babysitting

So yesterday I was babysitting for my neigbor. It was an exceptionally fun time, so I decided to tell you more, with pictures.
It all started with a snack... (Dunkaroos)

Then the container

Here is where it gets interesting. They wanted to make racecars, but that would require buttons. Had I known the adventure coming up, I would probably just have let them. But I didnt want to glue buttons on, so I told them to look around for something that could be a wheel. It took a few minutes for them to realize that there were more round things than buttons. Eventually they gave up and asked if they could make boats.
I agreed.
But, as you all know, boats need water. And they insisted on painting paper.
This was the first paper, and it was deffinitally not messy. after this picture, it got VERY messy. you will see later. While they were painting, I tried to speed up the process.

Blow drying. Deffinitally made it faster. So they got bored pretty quick, but it was still fun to make. now for clean up... uh oh.

I bet we could join the blue man group...
Time for play!
Well for them at least, even though they left it about 5 minutes after we finished. I, on the other hand, had things to clean.
This is just the floor. I had the table cleaned off before I remembered I was taking pictures... There was paint on the toilet too... who knew.
Prettu fun night!


My iPod's headphone jack has been messed up for a while, and today in attempt to fix it... I found this.
In case you cant see, its says
Warning, may explode if damaged or exposed of in fire.
That seems kind of scary to me... what if the back caves in on it? And what about the people who haven't read that? Not everybody takes off the back...
From now on if it drops, I will probably have a heart attack every time in fear of the explosion.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

A little hint.

I have been pondering (quite a bit about everything, but that's not the point...) about when I get mad at people. It's not what you think...
I have been pondering mostly about some of the close friends I have now that I have been in huge fights with. One of them told me I was destroying someones life, another broke my best friends heart... Things like that (if these people are reading this I want you to know, I honestly don't care anymore). And I have been thinking of why we are friends.
So maybe that's what you were thinking... But I decided I would give some people a little hint about me.
As you may have seen me mention before, I don't hold grudges. I think I have said it somewhere on my blog... If not, I don't. I really can only stay mad about something for a week, maybe two (when I try to stay mad). I have just trained myself to get over it, and I do. Back to what we were saying before... Oh yeah.
So I don't hold grudges against people, and so when things like I mentioned before happen, I move on pretty quick, I just don't care enough to talk to the person. So here is hint number one. If you just start talking to me like nothing happened, eventually we will be friends again. That's what happened with all these other friends, and now they are some of my closest. So just start by gradually saying hi, things like that then it's like it never happened. I think another reason this works, is I'm not a big enough jerk to ignore someone who says hi. Even when I try, I can't.
Okay, moving on. Another thing I noticed, is I never say no to someone who asks me to dance. Even if I really don't want to. Here is why; I took ballroom. My teacher hammered this into us like nothing else. She said something like this: "don't ever say no to a boy when he asks you to a dance, or on a date. Because, you have no idea how much they had to work to get that courage to ask you, and there is nothing worse than being shot down." it probably wasn't exactly that, but that's the basics. I'm sure there are some exceptions to saying no... But when it comes to dances, I will never, ever say no. So this is a good way to talk to me if I am ever giving one of you guys the silent treatment.
So this was really pointless, but recently I have had no ideas of what to write about. Any ideas?

Monday, January 2, 2012

Why breaks are bad

Christmas break is almost over. Don't get me wrong, I have loved it, but now I am in bad habits with sleep. I had my insomnia under controll... Until now.
It's 5 am. Am I up early, or late? You tell me. I accidentally fell asleep on the couch and now I haven't been able to fall back asleep since then. And believe me, I have tried. I have layed here for 2 hours strait only opening my eyes to see the time and realizing I have still not fallen asleep. Part of the reason, well most of the reason, is I have too much on my mind.
Any tricks to fall asleep when this happens?