Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Dear Presidential Debate Candidates...

Day two of starting to blog again! weird.
So, I am watching the debate with my dad and here is what I would write to Romney and Obama if I could.

Dear Obama,
Why is it that your way of "answering" these questions is to bash on romney? Honestly, if you want people on your side, why arent you ANSWERING the questions? It makes it look like (pardon me if I'm wrong...) you dont have any other plan but to make him look like a fool, plus you are kind of looking like a bully.
That being said... Stop saying what is wrong with his plans, and tell us the ones that you are starting to make look like you don't have.
Love, ME.

Dear Romney,
I see that you are being told off repeatedly... but, that question is over, and interrupting doesnt help you look any better.
That being said, Sit down, let him make up what he wants to make up, and answer your questions.
Love, ME.

And, simply because I am writing letters, I decided to write one to myself.

Dear Me,
I like your eyes.
Love, you.

Thanks for reading!

Monday, October 15, 2012


Did you know that sprinkles are delicious? Because they are. So good, that I decided to look up facts about them.
~they are also called hundreds and thousands, or jimmies (Totally calling them that)
~in the Netherlands they are used as a sandwich topping. (I'm totally trying this!)
~there are not many facts about sprinkles.
Apparently this colorful, sugary food, is not that cool. Bummer.