Friday, December 30, 2011

Piano vs. Guitar

For Christmas I got a guitar. (I have been wanting to learn for a while now, but didn't have one to learn on...) My sister said that I should learn before I had one because then I would have a reason for having one, but I have a different kind of motivation, if I have something, I will use it. And I have.
I have been thinking about the differences between the piano, and the guitar. I can play both of these, and honestly I think guitar is a lot easier. Why?
Well I have been playing  the guitar for 5 days, and I almost have a song learned, The Only Exception by Paramore. And I was thinking about it, With piano, you have to know how to read music, know the key signatures, know they key names, time signatures, sharps, flats, etc. Guitar, you need to know how to read the diagrams, know the string names, and how to tune it. Piano is a much slower instrument to learn. but, both are incredible.