Friday, January 6, 2012

Fun with babysitting

So yesterday I was babysitting for my neigbor. It was an exceptionally fun time, so I decided to tell you more, with pictures.
It all started with a snack... (Dunkaroos)

Then the container

Here is where it gets interesting. They wanted to make racecars, but that would require buttons. Had I known the adventure coming up, I would probably just have let them. But I didnt want to glue buttons on, so I told them to look around for something that could be a wheel. It took a few minutes for them to realize that there were more round things than buttons. Eventually they gave up and asked if they could make boats.
I agreed.
But, as you all know, boats need water. And they insisted on painting paper.
This was the first paper, and it was deffinitally not messy. after this picture, it got VERY messy. you will see later. While they were painting, I tried to speed up the process.

Blow drying. Deffinitally made it faster. So they got bored pretty quick, but it was still fun to make. now for clean up... uh oh.

I bet we could join the blue man group...
Time for play!
Well for them at least, even though they left it about 5 minutes after we finished. I, on the other hand, had things to clean.
This is just the floor. I had the table cleaned off before I remembered I was taking pictures... There was paint on the toilet too... who knew.
Prettu fun night!

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