Saturday, January 21, 2012


So this will probably be the most random post in the world... But oh well.
So you know how you lose hair, right? Well truth be told I don't just lose a few strands a day, I am like a shedding dog. In about three days my hairbrush will be full, and I can't brush my hair without cleaning it out. It's absolutely ridiculous.
Have you ever thought of how many strands of hair you have? One time I had a few pieces of hair ripped out and I was like "ouch that was like 80 hairs" then I thought about it, and realized that would actually be a lot of hair. I attempted to count out 80 pieces of hair, but gave up after about 7. I wouldn't reccomend trying, unless you have some serious time on your hands. And a lot of patience.

So anyways, I haven't been the greatest at posting, but I plan to do better. I am going to post a tutorial on duck tape bags, and they take forever... So it will be a while before it's up, but I will do it. I will probably do other crafts too (because I do them a lot) but you will just have to wait.

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  1. wanna know what I think about hair? i think its crazy that my hair has been through so much with me. like... the hair i just lost today? it was there five years ago when i got married! or when i gave birth to my first kid! i mean, SERIOUSLY! hair is totally crazy.
    and yours is beautiful.