Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Random Thoughts

So, I randomly decided to start a blog today. Here goes.
I could really talk about anything... but the anything that I could talk about I don't know.
Oh! An idea! Are you ready for this? I am going to talk about things that bother me.
Number one! I guess I could just make it easier on myself by going like #1 or even easier, can you guess? 1! okay that was pointless... probably something that will be reoccurring, more pointless. okay back to the things that bother me.
1. When people judge. I think I will expound on this more. For all of the things I write. See, what really bothers me about this, is that most of the time, you don't understand why people are like that. I know this girl and she used to bother me. A LOT. Here is why. She talks about the most random things. For an example: we could be talking about something... like... cookies. everyone likes cookies. especially good ones. So we will be talking about good cookies.
Her: good cookies. yes these are good cookies.
Me: yum I especially like these good cookies.
Her: I walked my dog today.
Understand why she annoyed me? Then this one day, I overheard her say something. I cant be positive... but I am pretty sure it was something about abuse. Don't go quoting me on it, but in a summary, her family life isn't good. On that day, I realized how hard I was on people. I decided then to not be so judgemental. And, so far so good. I'm not saying that I don't ever judge, but I don't go around saying "oh I hate so and so she is so annoying." Because I know I don't know why they are like that. every person is hiding something. Something big. Even I do it. So don't judge if you don't know the person well!
2. People who get mad over the dumbest things. Ready for another story?? To bad. So the other day, I walked into my English class, and one of my friends says to me "I am going to go kill bond" (my insanely awesome sign language teacher who gave me 35 cents) I of course asked her why. a humanly action. she said he gave me 2 pieces of pizza. i only wanted one. and in my head I'm like "so that's a good reason to kill him?! wow so freaking immature," but I just laugh and blow it off. Can anyone deny that that is a stupid reason? Okay, moving on.
3. Boys that lead you on to be a jerk. Don't need to describe that one. but i will give a direct name. SHORT STACK. And you are now thinking... who in the world would name their kid short stack? And my answer is... the parent who did. Just kidding. that's my answer to those questions. the person who did... or does... or whatever. anyways! its a nick name for some one I know. that my friends gave. If you are a girl, then I highly suggest getting nicknames for all the guys you talk about frequently. They come in handy when you need to say something to your friend in front of that guy, about that guy. they have no idea who you are talking about!
4. swear words. I mean, are they really necessary? Come on people, there are other words.
5. A recent thing, Touching. I used to be a very touchy person, but recently I have gotten sick of it. only my super close friends will I touch. and it really annoys me when you like step away from someone, and they keep scooting towards you.
6. People. Sometimes. Just because they don't get hints very well.
7. Blisters.  I mean who doesn't hate blisters? (the people who don't... get it? ya I know, stupid joke)
8. That one car key couple. Oh, this is a good story, don't worry. So there was this one time I was waiting for my sister to come out to her car. I was sitting there with McKell and there was this couple, and heaven forbid he teases her. he took her keys and she started crying cause "she wanted to go home." This was me: forehead, meet palm. When I have a boyfriend, I want him to do things like that. I like to goof off. I think serious people are lame.
9. Serious people. they are all like "I'm too cool to smile." "wow they are so immature cause they laugh" "how could they have fun?" okay, maybe not that bad... but you get the point.
10. People that take your stuff. I'm like "its my stuff, don't take it. duh."
11. Being unable to focus because of thoughts. especially when taking a test.
12. Pencils. I hate pencils. HATE.
13. When my parents try to get me to eat something. the other night I was saying I'm not hungry. and they say "well this is dinner. And if you don't eat now, then you wont eat." I'm like I'm not hungry. that doesn't change the fact of if I want dinner now or not. Geez. Or, if it's something I don't like, "if you do this then it tastes good." I don't like it. that doesn't make me want it more by offering different ways.
So these are just some things that annoy me. I know this was probably the most boring blog you have ever read. sorry, I am still learning. feel free to make a comment and suggest things you want to know about!

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  1. Mel, you sound mean. I know you are not mean. Glad you got your rant out of your system.