Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Ultimate Happy Song

So the other day I was on facebook, and I saw this color run thing... anyways long story short, I opened it and it played a video with this song;
(open it in another tab or page, and continue reading. Bear with me, and wait a minute if I ask you to.)
So while I was watching that video, I had this weird feeling. I just felt good inside. And I wanted to get up and dance. (Which I did after a few listens) And then I realized... this song was a happy song.
(once you hear the "I'm on top of the world" part, continue reading.)
Don't you think that it is happy? I think that this song may be the ultimate happy song. Even if I feel like crap, I still get cheered up by the song.
I challenge you to listen to this song if you need a pick me up moment.
If you know any other awesome songs like this, let me know! Either leave a comment, or email me the link @
One last thing, once the song is finished, go restart it and listen to it with out reading this.
Have an AWESOME day! (or night or whatever it is, where ever you are, when ever you are reading this!)