Thursday, December 1, 2011

Letters to Santa

If you believe in santa, I wouldnt read this...
Have you ever wondered where letters to santa really go? DO they go somewhere? or do they get thrown away? What do you think? This is something I would honestly like to know.


I have noticed that I worry over dumb things... like with the anger... I have a weird mindset.
Anyways... The things I worry about are as follows:
1. other people
2. not me
3. things that don't matter

So that doesn't explain it... so more detail I guess. When it comes to other people, its like things that I don't need to worry about, but I do. Friends who are sick, friends having friend issues, friends who are injured... basically things that don't really need to be worried about, but I do. Today was one of those days. I could not focus because I was worried about someone. Andy yeah. I should stop... but its inevitable. (<-- that's a big word... okay, not big, but weird.)

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Roberts craft

Roberts craft is closing! And I'm like "no!" this store is like my second home. Literally. I have spent hours and hours in that place. Mostly at the jewlery parts, but anytime I needed a craft, Roberts was there. And now... Now it's gone. *snif snif* but truth be told, it's not depressing. Yes I can't ride my bike over there now, so I just need to get my licence. And then i can go hang out in craft stores like Michaels and joann's or even hobby lobby. But, there is a catch. I can't take money. Or I will spend every penny of it. No joke. So craft stores in orem... Get ready for me. (in about 7 months)

Monday, November 28, 2011

Needyness of people

So I was in ASL and I listened to "the fisher mans wife" it was a good story and I just thought life relates to that. For those of you who have not ever heard it, it's about a man who lives in an old shack-like house and he fishes for a living. He catches a fish that happens to be a prince and could talk, so he let it go. When he got home his wife insisted that he go back and have the fish give them a better house. The fish does and the wife is happy for a while. But then she tells him to go back and give them a castle. She keeps wanting more and finally she wanted to be equal to god, and lost everything.
I feel like this can relate to how pretty much everyone lives. They want bigger and better. Then better. Then even better or even bigger. And we lose sight of what's important. And lose everything eventually because nothing Was ever good enough. I think that if people just lived with what they had, then life would be better for every one.


I think swearing is dumb. Why? Because it's pointless. Also this:
When you use the s word, you are talking about poop.
The d word, you are talking about a dam. So rather than expressing how you feel like that is a "wow" moment, you talk about an object.
Those are just two. But honestly all of the swearwords have alternatives and they make more sense. Plus, referring back to the post I did a while back about the quote:
When you tell a filthy story, do you ever stop to think, what impression you have made upon the crowd? Do you think the boys enjoy it? Do you think that because they laugh, you have sufficient reason to be proud? Do you know that you exhibit all that is within your soul, when a filthy story passes from your tongue? It reveals your own defilement , it proclaims your ignorance, it disgusts all decent boys who love real fun. Do you think that you exhibit any real common sense, when you show the crowd how rotten is your mind? Do you now That you dishonor your parents and your friends? Think it over boy, and that is what you'll find. Be a little choice in language; be a little more refined, if respect of those around you you would win. You will have a great advantage over those who are inclined to go through life in filth and slime and sin.

Does that not relate to swearing? Sorry to put that up again, but I just think it is so good!

Random things

So I am aware that I have not posted consistently for a while. So I am going to post some today.
I was looking at the stats (tells you how many people look at your blog) and I have Like 547 views. But I was looking at the other things it shows, and it's pretty nifty.
I have someone from Germany and Russia reading my blog. But most of the people reading this are from the US.
54% of the views are used with the safari browser.
Most of them are from windows or iPads.
People mostly link to thus blog from Facebook.
I personally thing this is nifty. In fact, I am using an iPad right now. :)