Monday, April 2, 2012

This is fun...

So I changed the background... personally I think it detracts from the actual blog... But its awesome anyways.
So I told you about the book, and I started writing in math. Don's ask why, just bear with me. So,  I got the first paragraph done, and then I realized; I need names! Which, sadly is the one of the hardest things with writing.
Any ideas?
And (Drum roll please) I made an email for you if you have question!
I expect you to not be dumb with that.


So I know I have mentioned writing on here before, but if you are new I will briefly explain. 
I find great joy in writing. I have attempted two different ones, but eventually gave up on them both. And I have been dying to write again, but have had no ideas. Anyways, moving on. 
So my brother is in town visiting. I got booted out of my room, and our extra room went to their kids. So, I am on the couch. Last night, I had a dream, and normally I just toss aside my dreams and forget about them, but I was thinking of this one while getting ready for school, and I realized I could use it for a story idea. Not the whole thing, but most of it. I say this because at the end I think the people turned into Smurfs or something. I will probably do a ton of writing this week because I will be driving to California for my choir tour! 
So the whole telling you about the couch thing probably had nothing to do with the dream, but I think it might have.  
Anyways, I will honestly try to blog more, but I have been busy. I am doing my best!