Sunday, July 29, 2012

Two people I look up to

I have been scheming this for a while now... But there are two people I really look up to.
1. Alison Williams
This is my sister in law. One of them. I don't know what it is, but we could talk for hours. I will go to tell her one thing, and leave 2 hours later. Sometimes we talk about the strangest things. But, it's great. I love talking to her. I don't have many friends or people that I can do that with.
She is also great at not judging people. I have never seen her treat someone less than another because of appearance or anything else. She just loves everyone. Well, maybe not loves everyone, but she isn't one to hate over something little.
Another thing, is she sets a great example to me. She has four kids, and she does a great job of raising them. She is patient, loving... So much. Alison is just a great person. I love her.
2. Sherry Murray
So I know that she is reading this, and totally wasn't expecting this. Probably Alison too, but they both deserve the spotlight.
What I think is great about Sherry is that she is so relaxed about so much. At least she doesn't show it. She has 5 kids. The older two who are practically twins, and she has a set of triplets. Who I must say, are adorable. She has a very good excuse to be stressed, but she isn't. She is all for getting out and doing stuff. She goes swimming. She will take me to the store when I need to go, and she is just a great person.
I have never not wanted to be around her. If I am having a bad day, if I go talk to her or play with her kids, I forget that I was having a bad day. She has such a great atmosphere in her house, and I love it.
Both of these women set such a great example to me, and I love them to death. There are more people who I love, but as of right now, they are on the high end of the list.


So I think I may have ADHD. In fact, this blog has nothing to do with ADHD, except for the fact that it shows you that I do.
I am a pinterest user. And lately, I have noticed that there have been a lot of pins about hair. Hair do's. Hair chalking (which, by the way I do.). Hair treatments. Hair colors. Hair cuts. The list goes on. (see?) Anyways, tonight I was doing a hair treatment with honey, and I was thinking about how long it has been since I blogged. So here I am, sitting here with honeyed... Honied. Honeyied... I think it's honeyed hair. And I am waiting until I am sick of waiting. One place says wait an hour. One says fifteen minutes. One says 20. So I am branching off and doing the crazy thing, just waiting until I am sick of it. Then I will go wash it out, and be done with it. That is, unless I decide to do it in a week or so.
Anyways, I really haven't blogged for a long time. So that is going to be my goal. Blog more. I know, I said that last time. And still not very many blogs. But I will try harder this time.
See how I went from ADHD to hair treatments, to blogging? Not that great of an example, but I can't stay on topic for the life of me.