Thursday, February 23, 2012

My new food obsession

So recently I have been loving the taste of cake. But I have been eating it in other ways than cake form. I have eaten cake pancakes, and recently made a cake smoothie. It is so good!
The pancakes are pretty much a regular pancake, you just switch some of the flour for cake mix of your choice. I have been doing funfetti.
For the smoothie you can do it two different ways. If you make it with icecream, put the amount of smoothie you want in ice cream, plus half of that again (trust me, it comes out less). then you pour milk so it's about half of the icecream. Add some cake mix, 1/2 a cup or more (to taste). Add a little vanilla. Blend. You can make adjustments, like more milk or cake mix.
If you use ice cubes, do 1 1/4 of what you want with ice cubes. Add milk about 3/4 of what you have ice. Add cake mix, vanilla and a little sugar. Granulated or powdered sugar works well. Blend, and make adjustments.

Honestly I would suggest trying this. It is super good!

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