Monday, October 17, 2011

Random facts about me

I have been thinking about things that are true about me, so that is what I will blog about.

1. I am blogging right now.
2. I dislike change
3. I like to make jewlery
4. I have the memory span of a fish when it comes to looking for things I lost
5. I tend to jinx myself
6. I have a weird friend named Mckell
7. I have the most awesome neighbors! (Amanda and Sherry)
8. I enjoy writing (hence the blog)
9. (read 8 without the () and continue here) so much that I am writing a book for fun.
10. I do random things for fun. (60 lunges... Even though I know it's stupid)
11. I love to cook
12. I love to make people laugh
13. I have been using I love too much
14. I like to ride my bike
15. I like challenges
16. I think little kids are incredible
17. I have insomnia (which would explain me writing this at 11 pm)
18. I like to freak random people out. This one is good. A friend was talking on the phone so I asked if I could talk to them. She handed me the phone, and I started talking to him about random things.
19. I dislike talking to people sometimes. That's only sometimes. (I needed a dislike)
20. I don't know what else to write...

So that it!

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