Thursday, September 29, 2011


I have the worst history with cuts. Especially when I am using knifes. now, you would think I would be like "oh a knife! run away!" and run away retardedly screaming "knife" and raising my eyebrows (what I do when I say knife... like that drunk old man in tangled...) anyways... I don't. Okay! And you would also think that I would be more cautious. but after three cuts on my finger, I started counting down until I have a cut on every finger. I have 6 left :) but no awful cuts recently. I got a blister on one thumb and I think its infected... so that's my four. I will tell the story of the other 3.
1. (I learned this time (: ha ha) Ok. so once upon a time I was babysitting for my neighbor. And I was like oh you guys want a cheese quesadillas? and they were like ya so I was like OK! I will get the cheese. but then I ran into an issue. I didn't know where their cheese grater was. so in my head I thought "I will just use that tiny looking knife that is not very sharp, and cut towards me while holding the cheese awkwardly." and then (there is an issue, I cant really spell what i want to say...) um... bang. I guess? I got cut and I was like oh no! Don't pass out! I cant pass out while babysitting! So I frantically searched for their band-aids for like 5 minutes then finally did find them. And didn't pass out!
2. So my family pickles peppers. oh! speaking of them, I want some. be right back.
okay I'm back. So I was cutting them, and racing my mom with who could cut the most, the fastest and I, of course, didn't think, and almost sliced off the tip of my finger. That's story two.
3 I was opening a can for my mom and two opposite sides got pushed down. In my stupidity, I thought "I will just pull it open!" thinking I was a freaking genius. Can you guess? Yep! I got cut.
so those are my stories. this was a short post, but that's all I have for today.

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