Thursday, September 29, 2011


Okay, i already know that I have posted today... but Something just started to bother me.
and that is...


now, I'm not saying I don't like how people have them. but I am saying, that today I found out two of my friends (not to mention they are younger than me) have a boyfriend! now this deeply... um... bothers me. not because they have one... because I don't care. but it seems like everyone has a boyfriend or girlfriend. (this moment reminds me of a YouTube video where he goes anyone anyone anyone in different tones of voices making it dramatic... think of that... now) everyone, everyone, EVERYONE. everyone.

lost my train of thought there.... oh ya boyfriends.

So I feel like... perhaps someone... *cough cough* SATAN is trying to tempt me by saying "hey, these people who happen to be younger than you, have boyfriends. See? Its okay!" But its not! so now I must ignore this. and one of my friends is probably going to be telling me all about him. and yes. this bothers me.

okay... bye. again

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