Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What I think is wrong with the world

Recently, I have been noticing issues. I don't know why, but I have. And I have been thinking of things that I see wrong with the world. 1. We have to have an explanation for everything. Have you ever broken a bone? I almost guarantee that you we asked how at least once. I cannot tell you why, but this drives me insane. Why dont you like that? Why aren't you participating? Why are you sad? Why are you so happy? How are you going to do that? Seriously, there is a why question for everything. And I hate them. Nothing can just be. 2. War Why is America at war with Iran? (see? A why question) Tonight I was reading the book of Mormon with my parents. The basics of the story: 24 daughters were kidnapped. One tribe thought it was another tribe, so they started a war. They didn't know if it was them. They just assumed. Was it really worth war? Tell me, what is war for? Can't we get along? And the people we are at war with are far away. It's not like they are our next door neighbor killing our dogs one after another. We don't even have to have contact. So why are we fighting? 3. We judge too quickly. We see someone fat, and we look down on them. Maybe they have a disease. Maybe they can't excercise. We see someone with a black eye, they are violent. Maybe they got beaten up. We see someone crying, they are week. Maybe they just had a loved one die. Maybe they have cancer. We see a pregnant teen, she is a slut. What if she was raped. We see someone with out an arm and we stare. What happened? Maybe they were saving someones life. Maybe they were at war. We see someone who looks Mexican. We assume they are like the annoying ones who think they rule the world. The list goes on. Those are the three things That I think would definitely change the world if they were gone.

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