Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Lets Get Real.

So this morning I went into my bathroom, and what did I find on my mirror? A friendly little spider. Okay, maybe not so friendly. Very creepy actually.
So what was my reaction? You are probably guessing kill it. If you did, you are very wrong. I simply grabbed my things and re-located (hoping it would disapear and be gone for good). Then tonight I went into my bathroom...
And he was still there! But this time I actually looked at it. He was about the size of a quarter now. And his legs were super long and see through. He was super creepy. Now, I don't especially care for spiders, but I am far from loving them. My brother has like 50 tarantuals and I go and check them out every once in a while.. I think they are awesome. This one little guy just got to me. No joke.
ANYWAYS. I decided that since it hadn't moved in more than 12 hours it was going to have to be killed. I gave it space for that long, I wanted my bathroom back. But, it took me 30 minutes to actually do it. It was the most awful thing ever.
But, I did learn something about that spider. He must really love himself cause he was on the mirror for like 20 hours.

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