Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Other Me

So I have a friend named Melanie. She has no facial emotions so as a joke, my friends started saying "hey look! I am Melanie!" and then copy her facial expression. And eventually she started  calling me Melanie. So I am her, and she is me. This morning I was bored, so I got on her Face Book page and "liked" 30 of her pictures, and commented on a couple of her things (and this makes her iPod malfunction). And this is what we have been doing since

Dear Me,
u obviously had nothing to do during ur time other than looking thru ur pictures and liking A LOT of them!! goodness me! u make me crazy sometimes. u know that.
Love Me.

 Dear me,
does it ever bother you when people type in a run on sentence or they tipe lik tis or EvEn LiKe ThIs I fInD It VeRy AnNoYiNg AnD TiMe CoNsUmInG bEcAuSe I HaVe BeEn DoInG tHiS FoR lIkE 10 MiNuTeS
Anyways! Stop doing that. Its so annoying and time wasting. Really I don't understand why you are writing on your own wall. Are you really that desperate? gosh. and the fact that you even have a w...all for people to walk past and read is just ridiculous. And who is to say that it wasn't yourself who liked all of those things? We are the same person. you are I and I are you. Got it? To bad.
Truth be told, you dint know why you are writing this. Perhaps its because my favorite color is purple. and my second favorite color is blue. Oh wait! It's yours too! How weird. Stop being a time waster,

Dear Me,
why am i so confusing? I don't make sense at all. jeez me.
Love Me :)

Dear Self,
Did you say cheese me? Cause that's what it sounded like. maybe that's why you are so confused with yourself.
Your worried self,

So really, there is no point to it. But it is still fun. :)
I also thought I would put up the tree man. Sorry its an awful picture.

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