Sunday, December 11, 2011

Las Vegas

This weekend, my parents and I came to visit my family in Las Vegas. So I decided to tell you about it so far.

First, I saw some awesome signs on our way in. 
-Worlds Largest Gift Shop
-If its in stock, we have it!
There were others, but these were the best.

I also saw a lot of sports cars. Like 4 Camaro's, A couple Corvettes, Challengers, Mustangs... And it was awesome. And 10 limos. (Yours is still the best Sherry!)

We went to the Chocolate Factory/Cactus Garden. They light up the cacti and it is amazing. Really amazing. Their chocolate is super delicious too!

For dinner we went to a burger joint called... the Smash Burger? I think that's it. They put like 2 tbsp of Mustard and mayo on... but it was still delicious. and I only got 3 pickles... It was good though. I would go back. 

Here was the fun part of last night: We went to the Bellagio. It was awesome. Inside they have a Christmas display. They had polar bears and all that fun jazz. The polar bears were made from white poinsettias.  One had 13,000. It was crazy! And amazing at the same time. after looking through there, we went outside and watched the water show. It was awesome but there was another thing that I thought was the best. There was a guy dressed up like an ilt, and he would stand still then just move randomly and freak people out. It was SO funny. Totally made my day. I took pictures, but my brothers computer doesn't have a card reader... so I will post them later.

Today, my nephew is sick, so I stayed home from church with him. He is happily playing my iPod.

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