Monday, November 28, 2011

Needyness of people

So I was in ASL and I listened to "the fisher mans wife" it was a good story and I just thought life relates to that. For those of you who have not ever heard it, it's about a man who lives in an old shack-like house and he fishes for a living. He catches a fish that happens to be a prince and could talk, so he let it go. When he got home his wife insisted that he go back and have the fish give them a better house. The fish does and the wife is happy for a while. But then she tells him to go back and give them a castle. She keeps wanting more and finally she wanted to be equal to god, and lost everything.
I feel like this can relate to how pretty much everyone lives. They want bigger and better. Then better. Then even better or even bigger. And we lose sight of what's important. And lose everything eventually because nothing Was ever good enough. I think that if people just lived with what they had, then life would be better for every one.

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