Saturday, October 1, 2011

Provo Tabernacle

As you all know, the Provo tabernacle burned down almost a year ago. It was devastating.

I remember when someone said the tabernacle was on fire, It didn't click that it was the Provo tabernacle. I thought they meant the one in Salt Lake. (Smart right?) Then I found out it was the one in Provo! We drove past it after school, and it was depressing. There was smoke pouring out the windows, out the roof, it was just sad. And I felt horrible. Because all of the times had been in there, all I wanted to do was leave. Except when I was doing the nativity. I never thought that I would lose my chances to be in there. And once it was gone, I was sure that those times were over.

And for the past while, it was undecided whether they would restore it or not.


Today. President Thomas S. Monson announced it will be the next Provo temple.

I think that it is a good use for that building. So many people loved it, and so many people would have been upset if they didn't restore it. They of course couldn't have made it the same as before, I think every one knew that. But, a temple, in my opinion is even better!

What are your thoughts on this announcement?

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