Friday, October 14, 2011

My Day

Here is what you need to know:My sister was going to go to Las Vegas today.
I decided to go with her.
Her car is/was having troubles.

Now for the story.

Last night I was not sure if I should go or not, but eventually ended up deciding to go. I went to school for the first three classes, and then left my third period 15 minutes early.

So were on our way, driving and driving, and we get 30 miles from someplace.... we were 130 miles from Provo and we start to hear something shake and fly out from under the car. but nothing else sounded wrong... for a few minutes.
Then an awful grinding noise started so we pulled over, and tried to see if it was something we could fix, but didn't see anything wrong. We made a lot of calls trying to figure out what to do, and then decided to wait for our dad to come get us.
We pulled over at 1:50 and he didn't come till after 6. We were there for a long time. We did things like...
Play with a Rubik's cube
Do our nails
Take a nap

You get the point. Then when he came we were so happy! We started on our way, and decided to get some food. The food me and my sister had was frosted animal cookies, and licorice. and little water. And what I had eaten before that was a corn dog, and a donut.
We first stopped at Burger King but there was a bug infestation. If you have been to Utah Lake when there is a bunch of mosquitoes, It was kind of like that. So we decided to not eat there, and find someplace else. And ended up eating at Carl's Jr.

So that was my day. I spent most of it in a car. But I still had fun!

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