Thursday, October 6, 2011


Can I just say that I hate fundraising? Okay, I hate it. You're probably thinking: then just don't do it.
And if I didn't have to earn like 1000 dollars this year by myself, then I wouldn't.
Here is how it adds up:
Choir tour: about $500
ASL silent weekend: $50
Wood shop: at least $300 (a very low guess... seeing as a pen is 5 dollars...)
Quilt (this is something i chose to do...) Probably about 200 ish on the low end
So I have to walk around selling/trying to sell Starving student cards. For a total of 30 dollars each. And Krispie Kreme cards for 12. And if I didn't have to earn all that money then I wouldn't be doing it.
So (sorry to ask) does anyone want to help buy buying one or donating? Also if you have scrap material or would like to help sew the quilt that would be appreciated!
So if you have questions let me know! (sorry for asking you guys...)

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