Monday, October 3, 2011


Today is going to be a random post!
So I have something called....


DUN DUN DUN. See, last night it really kicked in. Like really. I was exhausted after conference, but couldn't fall asleep.
So after about an hour of just laying there, I decided to play on my iPod. I ended up on YouTube. For quite a while. Then I decided that I would practice guitar. In that process I ended up cutting my nails, and a bunch of other stuff. Until about 3 am

I got about 3-4ish hours of sleep. When this happens its like I am on a sugar high. Ask my friends.

Here is what happened today:
I ran around at lunch with no shoes on
Tried to slide down a railing that has no slope
Acted like I was a Unicorn
Sang (well, which never happens around people) Songs like, Lou Lou skip to my Lou while skipping
Yelled awkwardly while running away from Kaylie
Fell asleep in US gov because I had seen that movie we were watching.
Tried to push that football thing, but ended up hurting myself

So my question is, will I be able to sleep tonight? Will I be tired enough? NO! No matter how tired I am, I can never sleep.
Another question, If getting 3 hours of sleep was not a bad thing for your health, would I do it more often? Yes! Because life is just more fun when I am on that 'no sleep high'!

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